Caravaggio: The Soul and the Blood

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A spectacular tale, the movie is indeed full of action, anguish and blood, as it pieces together the accurate historical reconstruction of Caravaggio’s life and artistic career, and the bewildering yet compelling interpretation of the artist’s inner feelings through modern, highly symbolic scenes and settings often contaminated by visual art-like inspiration.

The film discusses the life, works and struggles of Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio, whose existence, as well as his art, was marked by lights and shadows, genius and intemperance.

A true artistic genius capable of radical innovation in Italian art and beyond – though he was considered an outsider and his influence was only effectively acknowledged by XVII century’s painters – Caravaggio was a tormented man and artist. He always struggled with contradictory urges: constraint and the search for freedom, hardship and dissipation, pain and passion, sin and quest for mercy and salvation. Impatient with his own patrons, often involved in fights and hassles, he had to run away more than once to escape justice, bringing his art to different Italian and foreign cities.

The movie retraces his meandering career and life thanks to precious original papers – in some case recent findings including police reports and allegations – and to the scientific advisory and speeches by Prof. Claudio Strinati, a passionate art historian who dedicated a broad part of his work to Caravaggio. The film features many of the painter’s masterpieces, reconstructing their making also thanks to state-of-the-art technology: filmed in 8K, it offers a wider and more natural vision and, at the same time, a deeper one, allowing the audience to detect every single brush stroke. The production also retraces the places where the artist lived and worked, featuring 5 cities and over 15 locations.

Italy 2018, 94 min
Directed by Jesus Garcés Lambert

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