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Edie was very, very popular and is a warm, inspirational – and familiar road movie – that follows a woman’s journey through her new-found freedom.

[Sheila Hancock] delivers a nuanced and poignant performance as a woman determined to achieve her goal, yet still doubting her ability to carry it out (and equally impressively Hancock did all her own “stunts”).

This film works as it is essentially an odd couple movie…laughs and plenty of poignant moments.

Edie is an octogenarian woman who, in the aftermath of the death of her controlling husband, decides to fulfil a long-held dream of climbing a Scottish mountain. Against her daughter’s wishes, she heads to Scotland and employs Jonny to help her get the right equipment and train her for the gruelling climb. As the pair talk, bicker and have fun, they reveal more about their lives to each other, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

Sheila Hancock is Edie and she is old. And very spry. But definitely old which makes viewing this more real than perhaps other similarly written films. Her eyes twinkle with age, her features get frustrated at lost opportunities, her smile and laugh are genuine. Her life up until now has been consumed by her husband and his illness. But now, at the age of 84, she’s packed her bags and hightailed it to the Highlands with a steely determination pushing her along even when it all seems like too much.

UK 2017, 101 min, rated M (offensive language)
Directed by Simon Hunter
Starring Sheila Hancock, Kevin Guthrie, Paul Brannigan, Amy Manson, Wendy Morgan & Rachel Keiller

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