Exhibition on Screen: Monet


Cinema65 $10
24 August, 1:30pm – 2nd showing

A virtual tour of an innovative exhibition from The Royal Academy, London, Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse, exploring how artists used the modern garden to develop radical and wonderful new ideas.


Garden lover, floral fan, artist, creative thinker, go see – … it is informative and entertaining. This film (creates) an enlightening experience which took us into and some distance beyond the show.
Armadillo Central

Monet was an avid horticulturist and arguably the most important painter of gardens in the history of art but he was not alone. Artists like Van Gogh, Bonnard, Pissarro and Matisse all saw the garden as a powerful subject for their art. These great artists, along with many other famous names, feature in an innovative exhibition from The Royal Academy, London. From the exhibition walls to the beauty of artist gardens like Monet’s Giverny, we take a magical journey to discover how artists used the modern garden to explore radical and wonderful new ideas.

The exhibition traced ‘the emergence of the modern garden in its many forms and glories’ taking us ‘through a period of great social change and innovation in the arts’ with a vast collection of works by ‘some of the most important Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and Avant-Garde artists of the early twentieth century.’
Painting in the garden, which became possible with the invention of paint in tubes around 1849, is the ultimate expression of these fruitful relationships, creating a feeling of “being there” and a sense of completeness shared with the viewer.

UK 2016, 93 min, un-rated (exempt)

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