I, Tonya

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1 Oscar: Best supporting actress
1 BAFTA: Best supporting actress
1 Golden Globe: Best supporting actress

They want someone to love, but they also want someone to hate.
Fantastic portrayal of determination, misconception, blue collar chances – and topped with a riveting Oscar winning performance from Allison Janney.

It is Janney who steals every scene she’s in, as LaVona, a witchlike harridan whose noodging goes well beyond tough love.
Washington Post

This is a feel-real film, a sharp-witted, tough-minded biopic about Tonya Harding.
Wall Street Journal

In 1991, talented figure skater Tonya Harding becomes the first American woman to complete a triple axel during a competition. In 1994, her world comes crashing down when her ex-husband conspires to injure Nancy Kerrigan, a fellow Olympic hopeful, in a poorly conceived attack that forces the young woman to withdraw from the national championship. Harding’s life and legacy instantly become tarnished as she’s forever associated with one of the most infamous scandals in sports history.

The film succeeds in showing the other side of “the incident”. The film also succeeds with Allison Janney. The portrayal of the mother is so driven, so hateful and mean with a tiny teeny sliver of something she would probably consider love. And the use of the fourth wall is effective, it makes you feel like you were in on something, getting a secret or on somebody’s side.

USA 2017, 119 min, rated R16 (domestic & sexual violence, sex scenes & offensive language)
Directed by Craig Gillespie
Starring Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Caitlin Carver, Paul Walter Hauser & Bobby Canavale

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