MET Opera: Cendrillon

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Friday, 17 August, 6:00pm – ONE ONLY
Final Opera of the season
In French with subtitles

Perrault’s original story was published at the end of the 17th century, and the opera and its music preserve references to that era of lavish court entertainments and clear-cut distinctions of social hierarchies. It is, however, a fairy tale, and as such, it takes place in an indeterminate past in which magic, whimsy, and love at first sight are features of everyday life.


Charles Perrault’s 1698 fairy tale, the classic telling of the Cinderella story, is an excellent source for an opera—providing colour, romance, and relatable themes for audiences of all ages. The work includes many moments in which Jules Massenet is at his best and most widely accessible, from the pageantry and glowing musical nostalgia for the French baroque in the court scenes to the otherworldliness of the love music to the wit and humour that permeate the work as a whole.

For the first time ever, Massenet’s sumptuous take on the Cinderella story comes to the Met, with DiDonato starring in the title role. She is paired with mezzo-soprano Alice Coote in the trouser role of Prince Charming, Kathleen Kim as the Fairy Godmother, and Stephanie Blythe as the imperious Madame de la Haltière. Bertrand de Billy conducts Laurent Pelly’s imaginative storybook production.

USA 2018, 192 min, rated G
(includes one 30 min intermission)
Live performance opera
Conductor: Bertrand de Billy
Vocal cast: Kathleen Kim, Joyce DiDonato, Alice Coote, Stephanie Blythe & Laurent Naouri

The Metropolitan Opera changed the face of theatergoing nearly a decade ago with high-definition simulcasts in movie theaters using a technology associated more with rock concerts and boxing matches than opera. We are very lucky at Arthur’s to be able to offer this sensational bit of culture, art and entertainment to you.

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