MET Opera: Così Fan Tutte

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Friday, 29 June, 6:00pm – ONE ONLY
In Italian with subtitles

A winning cast comes together for Phelim McDermott’s clever vision of Mozart’s comedy about the sexes, set in a carnival-esque, funhouse environment inspired by 1950s Coney Island — complete with bearded ladies, fire eaters, and a Ferris wheel.


Mozart’s Così fan tutte begins with a bet. The besotted young officers Ferrando and Guglielmo boast to their friend Don Alfonso that their fiancées, the sisters Dorabella and Fiordiligi, are paragons of female virtue and constancy. The older, perhaps wiser, and certainly more cynical Alfonso argues that such perfect faithfulness does not exist, and that he can prove the sisters are just as fickle as all other women if Ferrando and Guglielmo will agree to do exactly as he says. Battle lines drawn, the men make the wager that sets in motion the rest of the opera’s action, which revolves around the officers’ disguised attempts to seduce one another’s girlfriends.

The third and final collaboration between Mozart and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte is a fascinating paradox: a frothy comedy of manners with an intensely dark take on human nature; an old story (it has antecedents in Boccaccio, Shakespeare, and Cervantes, among others) with a startlingly modern tone; and a beautiful score depicting questionable behaviour. Così fan tutte was only moderately successful at its premiere and remained just outside the standard repertoire for more than a century. Così still poses unique challenges, and correspondingly unique rewards, for the public today. Every possible impression of love — from the loftiest to the basest — is explored in this extraordinary opera.

USA 2018, 200 min
(includes one 30 min intermission)
Live performance opera
Conductor: Maurizio Benini
Vocal cast: Angela Meade, Elizabeth DeShong, Javier Camarena, Ildar Abdrazakov & Ryan Speedo

The Metropolitan Opera changed the face of theatergoing nearly a decade ago with high-definition simulcasts in movie theaters using a technology associated more with rock concerts and boxing matches than opera. We are very lucky at Arthur’s to be able to offer this sensational bit of culture, art and entertainment to you.

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