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4 Oscar nominations incl: Best supporting actress, adapted screenplay and cinematography

A complex and sprawling family drama that explores the struggles of characters in two families as they deal with the challenges of working on a farm, racism, and World War II. Beautifully shot and telling a story that looks and feels like a film with a much bigger budget, it’s a great drama that feels like a classic American novel.


Dee Rees’s film is a work of historical imagination that lands in the present with disquieting, illuminating force.
The NYTimes

Expansive, relevant themes are intimately explored with superb performances and restrained direction in this stirring period drama.
Common Sense Media

Set in the rural American South during World War II, Dee Rees’ Mudbound is an epic story of two families pitted against one another by a ruthless social hierarchy, yet bound together by the shared farmland of the Mississippi Delta: the McAllan family, newly transplanted from the quiet civility of Memphis but unprepared for the harsh demands of farming: and Hap and Florence Jackson – sharecroppers who have worked the land for generations – struggling bravely to build a small dream of their own despite the rigidly enforced social barriers they face.

There are a lot of layers to this drama, giving you much to think about. Grief, anger, unhappiness, unfairness, hope, cruelty, misunderstanding, ignorance, poverty, (brotherly) love, commitment, revenge, pride. Most characters offer an internal monologue over some of their actions. Giving depth to the figures in their position in life. Except for Pappy. He is so superficial that he does not need, nor deserve, a monologue. Well played by Breaking Bad‘s Mike. Well worth your time viewing.

USA 2017, 134 min, rated M (disturbing violence, language & nudity)
Directed by Dee Rees
Starring Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell, Mary J. Blige, Jason Clarke, Rob Morgan & Jonathan Banks

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