National Theatre Live 2017-18

Arthur’s Cinema announces the 2017-18 season of National Theatre Live. Each stage performance is filmed live from London in HD and will be screened twice (though some productions just once).

Below the posters from each theatre performance. Click on the poster for more information (not all sessions are open to online booking yet, but you can always call to book immediately). NTLive is an event film with different pricing set by The National Theatre.

Part 1: one only 26 Nov 2017
Boxoffice open

Part 2: one only 28 Nov 2017
Boxoffice open

One only 10 Dec 2017
Boxoffice open

One only 10 Jan 2018

One only 25 Feb 2018

18 & 27 March 2018

15 & 24 April 2018

20 & 29 May 2018

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