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The documentary Spitfire tells the story of the world’s most iconic aircraft, in the words of the people who built her, flew her and still fly her today.

In Spitfire, a documentary about the birth and history of the British fighter plane, the only piece of genius that goes un-celebrated is the plane’s name. That alone deserved to win the Battle of Britain, didn’t it? A plane that spits fire: brilliant. A little dragon in the sky, fast, fearless, impudent, un-outwittable.
The Guardian

Beautifully shot, including some of the most stunning and balletic aerial photography we have seen, Spitfire offers stupendous visual treat for the aircraft enthusiast… how glad we are that the film has been produced at all, and produced so lavishly: clearly a labour of love and something to be appreciated for being just that.
Pilot Magazine

There are certain names that resonate with people who remember the Second World War: Dunkirk, Pearl Harbour, Normandy Beach, Hiroshima, of course, and then there’s “Spitfire” – the name of the English fighter-planes that won the Battle of Britain.

This is a rare documentary that’s probably the last first-person account of the War. The interviewees are in their 80s and 90s – and one woman is a centenarian – but when they talk about what they experienced all those years ago, it becomes very easy to picture them as they were in their youth.

UK 2018, 99 min, rated G
Directed by David Fairhead & Anthony Palmer
Narrated by Charles Dance

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