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Sunday, 20 August, 5:00pm – FINAL

Feel-good drama based on the best selling memoir about James Bowen – a busker and recovering drug addict who had his life transformed by none other than a stray ginger cat. The cat, Bob, is played in the movie by Bowen’s real-life cat, Bob.


This is a sweet little film about serious issues. Treadway is believable as James, an addict who’s trying to get clean.
Yvonne Condes, Common Sense Media

A Street Cat Named Bob, a savvy exercise in inspirational feel-good cinema lightly seasoned with grit, is adapted from James Bowen’s autobiography.
Andy Webster, The NYTimes

James Bowen (Luke Treadaway) comes from a broken family and was on drugs for many years. His remarried father does not want him around and friends are scarce on the streets where drugs are everywhere and bashings common. Just as he looks like losing his battle with drugs, a sympathetic support worker finds him his own place to live. He ekes out a living by busking, with the coins earnt more for sincerity than talent. One day a hurt cat sneaks into his flat, offering companionship and something to love. Soon the couple are a performing duo with Bob the cat sitting on his shoulder or guitar doing high-fives on cue. The crowds love it, he meets a girl, and a future seems possible. But first he must come off methadone which he is told is like “the worse flu you have ever had multiplied by a hundred”; the withdrawal scenes confirm the prediction.

This is a harrowing and ultimately heart-warming true story of a recovering drug-addict desperately trying to reclaim his life with all the odds stacked against him. Shunned by human society, his saviour is a ginger moggie called Bob.

UK 2016, 103 min, rated PG (coarse language & drug content)
Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Starring Luke Treadaway, Joanne Froggatt, Anthony Head, Ruta Redmintas & Caroline Goodall

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