Diana Vreeland


Long before her death in 1989, Diana Vreeland had passed into the realm of cultural icons. A legend at both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue for her unerring feel for the Next Big Thing, Vreeland found her greatest calling at 69, as the driving force of the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. For half a century, driven by fear of obscurity, financial need, and a wanton passion for beauty, Vreeland had seen to her own social transformation from a society career girl into a feared and adored icon.

One of the leading figures in fashion for decades, Diana Vreeland’s life is presented from her beginnings in Paris, to her work as a columnist and magazine editor, and to her role as a curator of a fashion museum.

Absolutely inspirational and inspiring woman. An integral part of the feeling and essence of fashion. Of inventing one’s self. This is a really well made documentary. Am obvious creative genius, it did not pander to her whims. She was not condescending in her ways. Good grief, the woman knew what she was talking about and expected everyone to work as hard as she did. Made with love. Great use of her voice, her visuals and her life. Let’s fly to India and photograph pigs! How grand it must have been.

USA 2011, 82 min, rated G
Directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland

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