To the uninitiated, the world of high fashion might seem a galaxy away when trying to decode the styles and muses of its veritable designers. One such designer has been been credited with crafting the significant tone of women’s shoes around the world for nearly fifty years. This is an in-depth portrait of Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik, self-confessed ‘cobbler’ and the man regarded by most influential fashion figures as the best shoe-maker of the 20th and 21st centuries. A film for anyone who has ever looked longingly at a pair of… Manolos.

Making shoes is more fascinating than you could realize. The film is devoted to the prestigious designer who has turned women’s shoes into absolute works of art. The best thing about this film is being able to get to know, if only superficially, Manolo Blahnik. He’s a charismatic man with a great passion for his craft. The documentary touches on the artist’s point of view, and tries to penetrate his mind, his creative process.

USA 2017, 85 min, rated M (offensive language)
Directed by Michael Roberts

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