Mission statement


Arthur’s is about offering a place of social gathering.

Arthur’s Cinema is a membered incorporated not-for-profit organisation (The Cromwell Film Society) offering a cosy  and relaxed ambience to enjoy good films and good company. The cinema screens a wide variety of films for all ages and interests (comedies, dramas, actioners, documentaries) as well as youth and children’s films.

We are a community interest initiative which aims to bring entertainment, arts, music and film to an area that is often overlooked and tends to miss out on regional and national cultural development funding through a lack of community based arts organisations and know-how.

Cromwell is a town of 7,000 population with 21% over 65, and a growing number of families and young people. But there are few opportunities for the community to get involved in shared or social cultural activities. While the cinema will be open to all demographics, Arthur’s wishes to focus on these two groups:

• Young people: developing skills and offering after and out-of-school activities and any experience which enhances employability are worth sponsorship

• Older people: as is combating isolation and providing social networks and support for older people who might otherwise be at risk of loneliness and its associated health issues.

The  cinema will offer targeted programming and activities which will attract older people and young audiences and which will:

• Encourage those less fortunate to engage socially in the community

• Provide a programme and social space targeted to older people which will help combat isolation

• Provide activities and a social hub for young people, including opportunities for them to gain experience working as volunteers which can aid them into paid work

• Work with schools and colleges to provide work experience to enhance student employability.

We are a professionally run not-for-profit organisation with a robust business plan. That said, we are aware that some members of the community may not be able to afford to attend. By keeping our membership fees and standard ticket pricing at affordable levels, we can appeal to all sectors of the community and give those less fortunate the opportunity to engage socially with the township. Going forward we are seeking sponsors who can help us to ensure our programmes are available to as many people as possible.