Ocean to Sky


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We thoroughly recommend Ocean to Sky for businesses. It would appeal to many, not just mountaineers. Also features Murray Jones one of Bannockburn’s own sons who is believed by many to be NZ’s greatest climber ever.” – recent Arthur’s patron

This is not ‘just another Hillary biography’. Instead we get to know, love, and travel with him on what he always said was his greatest expedition. The best, most action packed journey imaginable – his jet boat journey from the mouth of India’s river Ganges to its Himalayan source.

It is the first film to really show who Ed was.
Sarah Hillary

It was Dad’s and my favourite expedition – that time we went by jet boat up the Ganges.
Peter Hillary

In 1977 Ed and his companions, which included son Peter Hillary, embarked on what would be Ed’s last major expedition. The extraordinary journey included tigers, sinking boats and fans queuing for miles to get a glimpse of the great man. The expedition set off shortly after the tragic plane crash where Ed lost his wife and daughter, it was a very personal journey for Ed and Peter. The film sees a side of Sir Ed never seen before, the man behind the myth.

For the people of India, it was a pilgrimage led by a hero of almost god-like status and millions lined the river to watch him pass in his ‘miraculous’ jet boats. For Ed and his 22-year-old son, Peter, it was a healing journey too, as they came to terms with the recent loss of Ed’s beloved wife, Louise and daughter Belinda. To Sir Ed, it always remained ‘the best journey of them all.

Tigers, hero worshipping crowds, groundings, the rich tapestry of India, horrendous rapids and near sinkings are just a few of the filmed highlights. Better yet, we travel not just with Hillary, but also with his son Peter and Hillary’s best friends. These are the men whose company he loved – men who could make him laugh.

NZ 2019, 108 min, rated G
Directed by Michael Dillon

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