One Last Deal

With subtitles.

A Finnish redemption movie that is well worth watching. There were some anxious bits where I was hoping things turn out OK – could have gone lots of ways. Heikke Nousiainen did a wonderful job portraying Olavi. And great work using the spinning chair.

An old-fashioned heartwarmer that travels familiar territory with polished ease.
Screen International

Moving and stunningly shot depiction of the search for meaning in later life.

Olavi is a widower who devotes all his time to his business, and probably always has. But that business is not doing particularly well: Online sales have seriously cut into storefront enterprises such as his own, and he’s so far behind the times that he doesn’t even have a computer — all his records are still on yellowing index-card files.
Fussy and preoccupied, his only apparent friend is professional colleague Patu, who’s in much the same boat but has a more genial personality. It’s Patu with whom Olavi shares his suspicions that an unsigned painting glimpsed at a local auction preview might be an overlooked work by 19th century Russian master Ilya Repin. If so, its acquisition would comprise exactly the sort of triumph he feels he needs to end his sagging career on a high note.

Getting the icon will require a lot of research and a little help, which he unexpectedly receives from his grandson, Otto. As Olavi schools the kid in how to navigate a cutthroat industry and research things you just can’t find via Google, he reconnects with his daughter, Lea, and rediscovers the family he’s missed. The big question, however, is whether he’ll sacrifice everything for that one last score.

Shot using a muted colour scheme, reflecting the look of Olavi’s rundown shop and the masterpieces he trades in, One Last Deal is a beautifully scaled and exquisitely honest tearjerker about the values we forget when we ignore the past — and what we lose when we become consumed by it.


Finland 2018, 95 min, rated M (offensive language)
Directed by Klaus Härö
Starring Heikki Nousiainen, Pirjo Lonka, Amos Brotherus, Stefan Sauk & Pertti Sveholm

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