Age appropriate woman in a truly felt mother-of-adult-children scenario. A new twist on what could have been a very paint-by-numbers flick. The film has some great, funny moments that any parent can relate to. It is bright and perhaps sitcom-y, but a fun night out. Funny, sometimes poignant, some good laughs.

Exploring a woman’s ever-changing identity — specifically a mother’s morphing role — is this film’s greatest strength.

Otherhood embraces its cliches in order to deliver on the heart.
Black Nerd Problems

For empty nesters, what’s the difference between letting your children grow up and letting them grow distant? This year, on Mother’s Day, feeling marginalized and forgotten, long time friends Carol, Gillian and Helen decide to drive to New York to reconnect with their adult sons by giving them surprise stay-over visits and forcing themselves upon them.

The movie is all about motherhood (obviously) and follows three mothers who just want to reconnect with their children. It’s truly a sweet premise, the cast is also incredible; as you have Arquette, Bassett and Huffman enjoying themselves in their roles. Feeling rejected and miffed, the trio show up on their sons’ doorsteps unannounced, hoping to be needed again and to recharge their motherly spirits. They believe their parental interference will be a win-win for everyone. However, over the course of their girls trip, they inadvertently discover that it’s not just their sons who need to change; they too need to redefine their own lives and relationships.

These typically marginalized women are shown as dynamic, complex and layered. Whether it be shopping in SoHo, a late night run for comfort food, or hanging out in a hotel room validating each other, their rapport is captured beautifully, making audiences feel like they’re one of these friends.

USA 2019, 101 min, rated M
Directed by Cindy Chupack
Based on the novel Whatever Makes You Happy by William Sutcliffe
Starring Felicity Huffman, Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett, Jake Hoffman, Jake Lacy & Sinqua Walls

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