Price of Everything

Focussing more on contemporary art, deep dive into a rarefied world where everything can be bought and sold. This is a stunning exposé of the role of art in today’s consumerist society.

Featuring collectors, dealers, auctioneers and a rich range of artists, including market darlings George Condo, Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter and Njideka Akunyili Crosby, this documentary examines the role of art and artistic passion in today’s money-driven, consumer-based society.

A totally different view of art, artists and the art world. You have the too rich, the too poor. Those who run sweat shops while others search for meaning and truth. Lots of extremes. The film is well edited and subjects well chosen.

USA 2018, 98 min, rated M
Directed by Andrew Rossi

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