I Care a Lot


Saturday 10 April 7:30pm
Thursday 13 May 7:00pm – FINAL

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Golden Globes 2021: Best actress

Who knew the business of obtaining guardianship over the elderly could be so cutthroat? This is an absurd, exaggerated, yet somewhat grounded look at a “business” that cashes in on fraud, corruption, and the manipulation of people. All with no relent and no care for what consequences may come.

It started very disconcerting, with a touchy subject, hitting a bit too close to home, and with a very unsympathetic lead. Then Peter Dinklage entered the scene and I knew it was going to get interesting. Entire ensemble superb. Fantastic ending.

Poised with sharklike self-assurance, Marla Grayson is a professional, court-appointed guardian for dozens of elderly wards whose assets she seizes and cunningly bilks through dubious but legal means. It’s a well-oiled racket that Marla and her business-partner and lover Fran use with brutal efficiency on their latest “cherry”, Jennifer Peterson – a wealthy retiree with no living heirs or family. But when their mark turns out to have an equally shady secret of her own with some unexpected baggage, Marla is forced to level up in a game only predators can play – one that’s neither fair, nor square.

USA 2020, 118 min, rated M
Directed by J Blakeson
Starring Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Dianne Wiest, Eiza González, Chris Messina, Damian Young & Alicia Witt

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Sat 10 Apr 7:30pm, Thurs 13 May 7pm


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