Hope Gap


Saturday 17 April 7:30pm – FINAL
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Annette Bening and Bill Nighy play a couple that has lost its way after 29 years of marriage. Their relationship walks the thin line between love and hate. The film is full of nonstop unhappiness from beginning to end and that may not be everyone’s cup of of tea. I’ll also be the first to admit that there’s no way I would have appreciated it as a younger person. Alas, I am no longer young and can understandably identify with the thematic.

Playwright William Nicholson brings us what is essentially an old fashioned cinematic play, in which he cathartically deals with the breakup of his parent’s marriage. These characters come complete with some very unlikable traits, but I think that’s what makes them so real and I love the way there are no easy answers or that the story has no nicely tied bows. Everything is as messy and unfinished as real life.

Bill Nighy is outstandingly complex and gives a masterclass in acting. Annette Bening has created a wonderfully complex character that always keep you guessing where she may go. And wonderful to see Josh O’Connor after viewing his stellar performance in The Crown (as Charles).


UK 2020, 100 min, rated M (offensive language & suicide references)
Directed by William Nicholson
Starring Bill Nighy, Annette Bening, Josh O’Connor, Alysha Hart, Ryan McKen & Rose Keegan

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Sat 17 Apr 7:30pm


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