Pinkies are Back


Saturday 24 April 7:00pmFINAL
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This is an inspirational and heart-warming feature film, following a group of extraordinary women on their journey to rebuild a dragon boating team despite some having never held a paddle before. The women are united by previously beating breast cancer, and together strengthened in their attempt to win gold at the Auckland regionals. The bond, love and laughs between these charismatic larger-than-life women is very refreshing.

After doing well at the national championships, the Pink Dragons are back to have a crack at the Auckland regionals in this feature-length documentary. Although the all-woman dragon boating team has a few veterans, many have never so much as touched a paddle. The Pink Dragons team is made up of breast cancer survivors, who use the sport to exercise and find a feeling of community after their recovery. Director Lisa Burd (documentary Let’s Talk About Sex) follows the team as they head into training, and try to make their mark in the Auckland dragon boating scene.

NZ 2021, 94 min, rated PG (offensive language)
Directed by Lisa Burd

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Sat 24 Apr 7:00pm


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