Water Lilies of Monet


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Sun 30 August 5:00pm – FINAL
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I am really enjoying these different approaches to art films. Especially here the narrator was very, very well conceived. How she spoke as if knowing the info as her life, how she made the story approachable. Looking not at us but off to the side, like we were sitting or walking together in conversation. Well scripted and a very good idea for a Monet film that doesn’t fall into the typical Impressionist box.

The film tells the story of the origin of a massive work of art that broke with convention, of an artist resurrecting his life only thanks to painting. His human endeavour defied both space and conventions in his timeless masterpieces.

This is the tale of an obsession with light and water the painter could not escape from and how he transformed it into a kind of magic. A tale of the radical elements that revolutionised Modern Art: Monet’s clear intent was to transfer onto canvas the “first, pure impression” of forms and objects as they appear to the eye that has never seen them before.

This documentary shows the Water Lilies of Claude Monet as they have never been seen before. A unique, exclusive look at the masterpieces housed at the Orangerie Museum, the Marmottan Museum, the Orsay Museum and Giverny, for the first time ever on the big screen for an unrepeatable experience.

Inspired by the international bestseller Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies (2016) written by Ross King, also featured in the film.

Italy 2019, 94 min, exempt
Directed by Giovanni Troilo
Narrated by Elisa Lasowski

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Sun 30 Aug 5:00pm


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