The thing I liked most about this film was its softness. It was wonderful to watch. The scenes glided into another, very fluid. Kelly Macdonald was a joy, her inflection when speaking was perfect. And such a difference to that brogue from Goodbye Christopher Robin. The film is a blanket of cinema warmth.

For fans of Macdonald who have long awaited the movie she owns from start to finish, it’s nothing less than a simple, humane and tenderhearted triumph.
Washington Post

This is a beautiful, nuanced film with remarkable performances. It’s a drama, but it’s lively — and handled with a gentle, light touch that allows for plenty of laughs of recognition.
Common Sense Media

Agnes is a woman who has reached her early 40s without ever venturing far from home family or the tight-knit immigrant community in which she was raised by her widowed father. That begins to change in a quietly dramatic fashion when Agnes receives a jigsaw puzzle as a birthday gift and experiences the heady thrill of not only doing something she enjoys but being very, very good at it.

This is a fantastic little movie. The perfect combination of acting, script and direction. It simply delivers a well rounded performance by the lead Kelly Macdonald playing the mother whose character is a full time housewife. Her family thinks they know her but as the story progresses, it is her love of puzzles and finding someone else who enjoys the same passion that takes her into a journey of self discovery and happiness.


It’s not too short or too long, it’s just the right length. It’s a simple tale and yet thought provoking. Everything about it is just right. Not to get all thought provoking, but everything is done so well that you really do identify with Agnes and what is happening in her life.

USA 2018, 98 min, rated M (offensive language & sexual references)
Directed by Marc Turtletaub
A remake of 2009’s Rompecabezas from Argentinean writer/director Natalia Smirnoff
Starring Kelly Macdonald, Irrfan Khan, David Denman, Bubba Weiler & Austin Abrams

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