Arthur’s Cinema is a professionally run incorporated not-for-profit organisation (The Cromwell Film Society Inc.) devoted to community, entertainment, film and culture.

Arthur’s opened on 18 March 2016 and is visioned as a place of social gathering, with a comfortable and cosy ambiance – a place to enjoy good films and good company. Here you can meet up with friends, and meet new friendly people. We do not want you to feel rushed, but at home. We insist on intermissions – it gives you time to relax, refuel and sparks a bygone era of cinema. We offer snacks, and ice creams, and yums, great coffee, a wide selection of nice teas, and of course popcorn – all sorts of fun things to make your experience enjoyable.

Who is Arthur?

In 1891, stonemason Leslie Arthur built the Old Methodist church at the corners of Donegal and Erris Street in Cromwell. At that time, the town was a crossroads community, brought together by the recent Gold Rush and a sense of new beginnings. The church offered a social atmosphere and a place of calm – a symbolic home – to the peoples of the area. In his way, Leslie Arthur contributed to community spirit.
This spirit of community was strong in his family and his great-granddaughter, Helen Clark, continues in her own way to work for the people. Her time as NZ Prime Minister and at the UN showcases her lifelong desire to bring communities and people together.
The building served as a Methodist Church until 1960. The Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust took over the lease in 2003 and has since undertaken extensive restoration to the building. The Cromwell Film Society secured a long-term lease from the church and the OGHT mid 2015.
That is the short history of Arthur’s Cinema – a name chosen to not only respect the history of Cromwell but also to underline the feeling of true community spirit. The cinema aims to offer the people of the area a familiar feeling, a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

All are welcome to the show!